Real name: Rana Phillips
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #601 (Oct 2009)

Created by:

Fred Van Lente
Michael Ryan


Gamma Corps: Black


Superhuman strength and durability.

Aberration is a female version of Abomination and an enemy of Lyra.


When Private Rana Phillips killed her commanding officer for using her as a scapegoat when his crime of torturing prisoners was discovered, she was sentenced to death. However, General Ryder used a dangerous procedure on her that turned her into Aberration in return for a pardon of her crimes and her loyal service in Gamma Corps: Black. One of her first missions was to capture Lyra (so Ryker could bring her in for testing and keep her from interfering with Norman Osborn's plot to destroy Jennifer Walters). Aberration and her teammates attack Lyra, but Lyra escapes. Axon, the leader of the group, orders the team to split up to find her. Aberration argues that this will leave them vulnerable, but Axon insists. When they rendezvous back in less than an hour, they discover Morass was the one who found Lyra and, since she was alone and vulnerable like Aberration predicted, had been overpowered and seemingly killed.

Axon later had her and Aberration hold civilians hostage, but Lyra was able to seemingly kill Aberration by beating her badly and then smashing her head with a metal pipe.