Real name: Donald "Donnie" Gill
First Appearance: Iron Man #223 (Oct 1987)

Created by:

David Michelinie
Bob Layton


Masters of Evil


Wears a battle suit that enables him to manipulate ice.

Blizzard is a former criminal who had battled She-Hulk on several occasions.


A young man who took the name of the original Blizzard, an enemy of Iron Man, Donnie Gill lacked the confidence needed to be a successful criminal. He first encountered She-Hulk with several other villains during one of her trials. He later reappeared in She-Hulk's life, joining MODOK in trying to freeze the earth. His plans were thwarted by She-Hulk, and he sought out revenge on the heroine. This led him to attack her in a bar, where she was drinking her sorrows away. He planned on trying to kill her, but she managed to talk him into drinking with her. After several beers, Blizzard told She-Hulk he liked her and that they should drink together more often. He then vomited on her and passed out. This unconventional defeat added to Blizzard's reasoning behind reforming, joining the Thunderbolts in an attempt to turn over a new leaf and help the world.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Blizzard has no superhuman powers. However, he wears a battle-suit that contains microcircuited cryogenic units which allow its wearer to generate and focus intense cold on a level beyond that of his predecessor, the original Blizzard. By manipulating this cold, Gill can create blasts of cold, ice missiles and walls of ice from ambient moisture, as well as forming sleet, snow, and freezing rain. He can emit freezing rays capable of lowering the temperature within the ray's range by 50°F (28°C) in about 15 seconds. At the risk of depleting his water supply, he can encase people in snow or ice, create an ice barricade, or form an ice slide beneath his feet.

The current costume used by Blizzard has been improved upon by the members of the Thunderbolts formerly known as the Beetle and the Fixer. It can essentially emulate most of the powers originally wielded by the mutant known as Iceman, including the spontaneous generation of Ice Bridges for extremely swift and maneuverable transportation (it does not give the wearer thermal vision). The limits of this costume are not yet known.

Donnie Gill is otherwise an athletic man, with extensive experience in street-fighting techniques.

Appearances in She-HulkEdit