Real name: Bradley
First Appearance: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 1

Created by:

Mariko Tamaki
Nico Leon


Law Offices of Ryu, Barber, Zucker & Scott



Bradley is Jennifer Walters's personal assistant at the Law Offices of Ryu, Barber, Zucker & Scott.


Bradley was assigned to be the assistant to Jennifer Walters as she returned to work after waking up from her coma. He proved himself to be a very capable and reliable assistant for Jennifer, as well as a friend. When he noticed Jennifer locking herself away in her office until late at night, he slipped her a candy bar under her door. He revealed to Jennifer that he lost his brother a year earlier, bonding with the loss of her cousin Bruce Banner.

Later, when Jen commented about Florida Mayers stalking her, Bradley immediately offered to grab her a new laptop. He also continued calling Maise Brewn on Jen's behalf, though he was unable to get any answer from her. Bradley and his boyfriend have often baked snacks for Jen, such as bagels.

Appearances in She-HulkEdit