Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Savage She-Hulk 18 (Jul 1981)

Created by:

David Anthony Kraft
Michael Vosburg




Olympic-level training in martial arts and wrestling; a variety of weaponry and gadgets.

Grappler is an acrobatic enemy of She-Hulk who used a variety of gadgets to aid him in his crimes.


The man who would become the Grappler grew up in the ghetto and survived the mean streets by wrestling any bully to the ground regardless of their size. As he got older, he wanted to get ahead in life and sought out the richest man in the west named Hugh Howard. He approached Mr. Howard as he stepped out of his casino-complex in Las Vegas and begged for the secret of his success. Mr. Howard spoke one magic word which was leverage as his men dragged him away and beat him down. It was the best advice he ever got and took his advice literally. He mastered the science of leverage by studying martial arts and began to accumulate a large sum of money by winning championship matches around the world. He began to study finances and everything that dealt with the principal of leverage. He devised a costume and a specially-modified titanium steel rod and became the Grappler.

The Grappler caused a traffic jam when he toppled an armored car with his titanium rod in order to steal some gold. Jennifer Walters was stuck in that traffic jam and confronted the Grappler as the She-Hulk. The Grappler tried to persuade the She-Hulk to become his partner and the two of them would be rich. She-Hulk was tempted but decided to bring the Grappler down. A brief fight ensued but She-Hulk apprehended the Grappler as he tried to escape on his plane. She-Hulk wrapped up the Grappler with his own staff and left him for the cops.

She-Hulk battled Grappler on another occasion, where he attacked a courtroom and held She-Hulk's father, Morris Walters, hostage. She-Hulk subsequently defeated the Grappler once again and sent him to prison. He later escaped and attended a meeting at The Bar With No Name to discuss the Scourge of the Underworld. He, along with the other villains, was shot and killed by the bartender, who turned out to be the Scourge in disguise.

The Grappler was not one of the several villains resurrected by The Hood during Dark Reign.

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