Holly Harlow
Real name: Holly Harlow
First Appearance: She-Hulk (v3) 1

Created by:

Charles Soule
Javier Pulido





Holly Harlow is the first client of She-Hulk's after she quits Paine & Luckberg, LLC.


The widow of a criminal named Jonas Harlow, Holly approached She-Hulk for help in a bar frequented by lawyers. When she told the story of how Tony Stark's company stole an idea from her deceased husband, She-Hulk agreed to speak to Tony. However, She-Hulk was bombarded by Stark's legal team, with his lawyers accusing She-Hulk of having a personal vendetta against Stark.

Later, Holly showed She-Hulk the arsenal of weaponry and gadgets that her husband kept in storage. She left with her son Henry and her baby, but She-Hulk discovered a cassette tape that revealed one of Stark's employees having indeed stolen Jonas's idea for repulsor tech. She-Hulk battled her way through Tony's security to confront him. When he learned the truth, he settled with Holly.

After receiving her money, Holly found She-Hulk once again at the bar and gave her $150,000 as payment. This allowed She-Hulk to open her own law office.

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