"Deconstructed, Part One"
General Information
Series: Hulk (She-Hulk volume 4)
Issue Number: 1
First Published: February 2017
Next Issue: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 2

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JENNIFER WALTERS has survived the Civil War… barely… and having risen from the rubble, she re-enters the world a different kind of hero. Fueled by a quiet rage, she is determined to move forward, to go on with her life, but the pain of the past and all she’s lost is always there – an undercurrent, a pulse, waiting to quicken and trigger Jen’s transformation into the one thing she doesn’t have control over…


"Deconstructed, Part One"Edit

Jennifer Walters returns to work for the first time since her battle with Thanos had left her in a coma. She meets her new assistant Bradley, who reveals her first case is with Maise Brewn, a woman being evicted from her apartment. As she heads to her office, she meets several others along the way that seem surprised that Jennifer had decided not to use her She-Hulk alter-ego. In her office, the strange woman Maise Brewn sits in the dark until Jennifer switches the light on. Maise tells Jennifer that she's being evicted by Mr. Tick, her landlord, because he claimed her checks were bad (though he was able to cash them anyway). During the conversation, Maise repeatedly mentions that she never leaves her home. She also reveals she has restorative powers that she gained after being attacked. Jennifer tells Maise that she'll do her very best to keep Maise in her home, which she takes as a promise.

After work, Jennifer gets a text from her best friend Patsy Walker, who had gotten her the job. She picks up some Chinese food and heads home, where she's confronted by Florda Mayers. Mayers desperately wishes to speak to Jennifer about what had happened to her and her cousin Bruce, as she's writing a book on trauma. Jennifer tells her to leave, but she continues her request until Jennifer makes it into her elevator. She begins to transform into She-Hulk out of stress and anger, but manages to hold it off by watching a cooking show on her laptop.

At Maise's apartment, she speaks with a mysterious creature in the dark who promises to protect her.


  • Christina Harrington -- Assistant Editor
  • Jeff Dekal -- Cover Artist
  • Kate Hubert -- Editor
  • Mark Paniccia -- Editor
  • Mariko Tamaki -- Writer
  • Matt Milla -- Colorist
  • Nico Leon -- Artist
  • VC's Cory Petit -- Letterer


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  • New York City, New York

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