"Deconstructed, Part Three"
Hulk Vol 4 3
General Information
Series: Hulk (She-Hulk volume 4)
Issue Number: 3
First Published: April 2017
Previous Issue: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 2
Next Issue: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 4

Official SolicitationEdit

  • Jen’s life is finally settling into a rhythm: She wakes up, goes to work, helps her new clients, goes home, watches a cooking video, and goes to sleep.
  • But when a murder rocks the life of one of her newest clients, how will Jen react? Is there more to the situation than just Jen Walters, lawyer, can handle?
  • Will she need the HULK to get herself out of this jam?


"Deconstructed, Part Three"Edit

Two police investigators inspect the scene of Mr. Tick's death from the night before in Hell's Kitchen. Meanwhile, Jennifer Walters continues to try to get a hold of Maise Brewn, who isn't answering her phone. A news report on her laptop mentions the Civil War, which triggers Jen. Bradley enters the office with a box of Florida Mayers's books. When asked who they belong to, Jennifer tells Bradley they are from a stalker.

Later, Jen gets a call from Patsy, her best friend. Patsy wonders why Jen hasn't contacted her. Jen heads to the roof where Patsy, in her Hellcat costume, appears. Patsy doesn't like how Jen has been brushing her off, and mentions how many times she spoke to her while she was in her coma. She finally leaves, agreeing to give Jen her space.

Jennifer searches through old pamphlets, trying to learn more about Maise Brewn. She discovers that she was once a cheerful yoga instructor. She had her own business with her partner Ray Hutchinson. But Ray wanted to sell the business, and Maise didn't. Ray hired a group of thugs to attack Maise. Meanwhile, the officers from earlier interview Maise. After the interview, one of the officers notes how creepy the apartment building is. Maise begs her shadow friend to help her. Seconds later, the two investigators scream and are then gone without a trace.


  • Christina Harrington -- Assistant Editor
  • Jeff Dekal -- Cover Artist
  • Mark Paniccia -- Editor
  • Mariko Tamaki -- Writer
  • Matt Milla -- Colorist
  • Nico Leon -- Artist
  • VC's Cory Petit -- Letterer


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  • New York City, New York

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