"Deconstructed, Part Five"
Hulk Vol 4 5
General Information
Series: Hulk (She-Hulk volume 4)
Issue Number: 5
First Published: June 2017
Previous Issue: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 4
Next Issue: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 6

Official SolicitationEdit


  • Ever since the tragic events of CIVIL WAR II, JENNIFER WALTERS has done everything she can to avoid transforming into her heroic other form.
  • When a string of murders point to her newest client, Jen finds that she might be in over her head without her super-strong alter ego.
  • But who is this new HULK? And, more importantly, can Jen hope to control her once she’s let loose?


"Deconstructed, Part Five"Edit

In a flashback sequence, Jennifer Walters lays in her hospital bed staring out the window. Captain Marvel brings her flowers and attempts to console Jennifer, but Jen shrugs her off and tells her she will be fine. After Captain Marvel leaves, Jen sees what she believes to see the ghost of her cousin Bruce standing in front of her. He tells her everything will be okay, but then she sees him shot in the head by an arrow. She begins to panic, transforming into the Hulk and destroying the hospital room.

In the present, Jennifer is chased through the apartment building of Maise Brewn by Maise's shadow creature. Jennifer reaches the roof, where Maise herself confronts the lawyer. Maise compares Jennifer to her former partner, Ray Hutchinson, who had sent assassins to kill Maise. Meanwhile, the officers below confirm the bodies as Stewart and Maxwell, the officers who had been killed by Maise's creature earlier. The police force rallies their troops to enter Maise's apartment building. Back on the roof, Maise's neighbors have joined her. They start speaking about how the world is a horrible place and that they are not safe. Jennifer tries to reason with the neighbors, but several shadow-like creatures stand over each person. The creatures merge and begin to attack Jennifer. She wonders why she isn't transforming, but then manages to at the last minute.


  • Christina Harrington -- Assistant Editor
  • Jeff Dekal -- Cover Artist
  • Mark Paniccia -- Editor
  • Mariko Tamaki -- Writer
  • Matt Milla & Andrew Crossley -- Colorist
  • Nico Leon -- Artist
  • VC's Cory Petit -- Letterer


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  • New York City, New York

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