Jake Fox
Real name: Jacob Fox
First Appearance: Savage She-Hulk 2
(Mar 1980)

Created by:

David Anthony Kraft
Mike Vosburg


Nick Trask


Jacob "Jake" Fox is a truck driver and criminal who had made a deal with mob boss Nick Trask.


As a truck driver for Mac-Ray Shipping, Jake had access to several pieces of weaponry from Stark Enterprises. He stole an android, among other things, and sold them to Nick Trask. When he met up with Trask to exchange goods for money, Trask turned on him and ordered his subordinate Angelo to kill him. However, Jill Stevens, driving Jennifer Walters's sabotaged car, interrupted the trade as she nearly ran them down. During the commotion, Jake fled in his truck, though She-Hulk soon after threw a red car at the truck to stop Jill from hitting it.

Somehow, Jake survived the crash and fled. He later contacted Weasel for help, to which Weasel reluctantly agreed. They were to meet at Jimbo's Junkyard before midnight. As Jake waited at the junkyard, he saw Weasel's car and found his corpse inside. Before he had time to process, Jake was strangled to death by a pair of green arms that were originally believed to be She-Hulk's, though it was later revealed to be Trask's She-Droid.

His wife later questioned his whereabouts, though Tony Stark refused to tell her the truth of his criminal activities.

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