Louise Mason was the Golden Age superhero the Blonde Phantom.


Louise Grant Mason had left crimefighting to marry her employer, Mark Mason, in 1949 and give birth to their daughter Wanda and, later, to son Earl. After Mason's death, she began working as a legal secretary for district attorney Blake Tower, and became the general voice-of-reason for both Tower and She-Hulk.

Mason would often find herself more or less willingly pulled into the She-Hulk's surreal adventures, and occasionally vice-versa. They would confront many menaces, from Stilt-Man to a town where stepping out of line, even swearing, was fatally punished. Mason would accompany She-Hulk into outer space, where the pair become allies of the space-faring hero Razorback and his compatriots U.S. Archer and Al the alien.

Mason, affectionately nicknamed "Weezi", began a romantic relationship with Jennifer's father, Morris Walters. She also saw her daughter Wanda become the costumed crimefighter the Phantom Blonde. Mason later found herself trading physical stature and powers with a none-too-pleased Jennifer, becoming so enamored with her new form and abilities that she only changed back when Morris revealed he wanted Weezi the way she had been.

After being taken prisoner by the subterranean ruler the Mole Man, she was restored to her youthful adult self by technology from the underground realm Subterranea.