Maise Brewn
Real name: Maise Brewn
First Appearance: Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 1

Created by:

Mariko Tamaki
Nico Leon




Restorative abilities

Maise Brewn is Jennifer Walters's first client after the events of Civil War II.


An athletic, cheerful yoga instructor, Maise Brewn ran a profitable yoga studio alongside her business partner Ray Hutchinson. However, Hutchinson wished to sell the studio while Maise did not. Hutchinson eventually hired a group of assassins to kill Maise. Under unknown circumstances, Maise gained restorative abilities which saved her life. She then became a recluse, never leaving her apartment. A shadowy creature soon appeared to Maise, promising to protect her.

When her landlord Mr. Tick had threatened to evict Maise (due to Maise's altered physical appearance), Maise hired Jennifer Walters as her lawyer. Tick was eventually killed by Maise's shadowy ally, as well as two police officers who were investigating Tick's death. When Jennifer went to Maise's apartment to discuss her case, Maise angrily attacked after she discovered Tick had sold the apartment building before his death which meant she would have to leave. The shadow creature enveloped Maise and attacked Jennifer.

Appearances in She-HulkEdit