General Information
Series: Savage She-Hulk
Issue Number: 2
First Published: March 1980
Previous Issue: Savage She-Hulk 1
Next Issue: Savage She-Hulk 3



The issue begins with Jennifer Walters arriving at the courthouse. Her best friend, Jill, had picked her up from the hospital, though she feels as though Jennifer has become withdrawn from her. As Jennifer walks into the courthouse, she ponders about what had happened to her: the blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce which saved her life but also transformed her into the She-Hulk. She also remembers the three thugs disguised as doctors who had tried to kill her while she was in the hospital. Nevertheless, she vows to help the criminal Lou Monkton.

In the courtroom, Jen moves to drop the charges against Monkton. However, her opponent, Dennis "Buck" Bukowski objects, and wins over the judge when he states the three men had confessed under duress due to the She-Hulk. The judge also denies Jen's request for bail for Monkton. As they leave the courtroom, Buck gloats and compares their case to a game, declaring himself the winner. Jennifer leaves, but she struggles to keep her own composure.

Soon after, Jennifer is picked up by Jill and asks her to drive her to the county jail. Reluctantly, Jill does so. At the jail, Jennifer offers a deal to the three thugs in exchange for her dropping the charges against them trying to kill her. One of the thugs thinks the idea is crazy, that Trask would certainly come for them. But the other two agree, and Jennifer moves forward with the case. As she reunites with Jill, she asks her friend to take her to the sheriff's office.

At the Sheriff's Office, Jennifer asks her father, Sheriff Morris Walters, for Trask's location. He thinks it's a horrible idea, since Trask had killed Jennifer's mother and tried to have her killed as well. She informs him she has the trump card on Trask and that he wouldn't be able to do anything to her. At his hideout, a warehouse on Ventura Boulevard, Jennifer confronts Nick Trask. She tells him that he's finished, and as he feeds a mouse to his pet snake, he threatens her.

Later, Jennifer and Jill return home. They find Mrs. Ridge outside and invites them to join the Ridges for a barbecue. As they gather, an ominous car drives by: More of Trask's henchmen. After their meal, Mrs. Ridge receives a call from the district attorney's office, stating that Jennifer had to come collect some important papers at the courthouse. Jill volunteers to get the papers, but as she leaves, Zapper asks Jennifer if she thinks it's odd that the D.A.'s office called for her at the Ridge's house. Jennifer quickly realizes it's a trap, and rushes out to stop Jill. But Jill's car had already started driving off with Trask's thugs following close behind her. Jennifer falls to the ground in pain, though Zapper tries to help her up. A green arm swings Zapper away, revealing Jennifer had transformed into She-Hulk.

At a gas station, Buck waits in line to use the gas pump. Suddenly, he hears a honk and turns to find Jennifer's car heading straight for him. Inside the car, Jill panics as she realizes the accelerator had jammed and the brakes had been cut. Buck realizes it's Jennifer's car and sees She-Hulk chasing after it. Wanting to be the hero, Buck drives off in an attempt to save Jennifer. Meanwhile, Jill attempts to calm herself by thinking of what Jennifer would do.

At the same time, Trask and his goons make a deal with a truck driver. When the truck driver demands his payment, Trask orders his thug Angelo to kill him. But before Angelo is able to shoot him, Jill's car comes racing down the street and nearly hits them, which allows the truck driver to escape. She-Hulk makes it to the scene and realizes Jill is going to crash into the truck driver's vehicle. In order to save Jill, She-Hulk lifts a car and throws it at the truck, knocking it over. The truck's cargo had been thrown out of the vehicle with a robotic arm jutting out of a damaged container. She-Hulk races after Jill while Trask watches from afar. Angelo tells Trask that the creature is She-Hulk, and he goes to kill the truck driver.

She-Hulk finds Jill driving onto the highway, and pole-vaults up to stop an oncoming bus in order to create a barrier. She-Hulk stands reading with open arms to stop Jill's vehicle from crashing. Jill, realizing that She-Hulk is trying to help her, wonders if the She-Hulk could be Jennifer. Meanwhile, behind Jill, Buck's car comes racing up and smashes into She-Hulk. Jill's car smashes into the parked bus and bounces off the highway onto a flammable truck. The car bursts into flames and She-Hulk quickly jumps down to save her best friend. She pulls Jill from the car, but it is too late. She-Hulk cries out in anguish while Buck points at her from a crowd and exclaims that she killed the girl. Enraged, She-Hulk starts striking at the bridge until she's surrounded by the police. She-Hulk flees as the police shoot at her.

Later that afternoon, Jennifer grieves Jill's death. She tells herself that she will carry on for Jill's sake. Inside the courthouse, Buck expresses sorrow for Jennifer's death until Jennifer appears behind him. She tells them it was her friend that died. Jennifer uses the thugs' statements from earlier to free Lou Monkton, who says he hopes Jennifer can get Trask before he gets her. Alone, Jennifer repeats the words "Whatever Jennifer Walters can't handle -- the She-Hulk will do."


  • Chic Stone -- inker
  • Costanza -- letterer
  • David Anthony Kraft -- writer
  • Jim Shooter -- editor
  • Mike Vosburg -- artist
  • Sharen -- colorist


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  • Los Angeles, California