"She-Hulk Murders Lady Lawyer!"
General Information
Series: Savage She-Hulk
Issue Number: 3
First Published: April 1980
Previous Issue: Savage She-Hulk 2
Next Issue: Savage She-Hulk 4


"She-Hulk Murders Lady Lawyer!"Edit

In their jail cell, Trask's Goons read the newspaper which reveals that Jennifer Walters was killed by the She-Hulk. The worried thug begins to panic, afraid that Trask would kill them for their betrayal. The others shrug it off, telling him that he worries too much. Suddenly, a pair of green arms burst through the prison. When the prison riot squad arrives, they find the goons dead, though one of them yells out about the pair of green arms. The guards decide it must have been She-Hulk.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Ridge's Malibu beachhouse, Jennifer has nightmares about the events that have occurred thus far. She jolts awake, but wonders if she had been out on the prowl as the She-Hulk. Zapper knocks on the door, asking if she is all right. He calms her down, but they're interrupted by the sound of loud footsteps. Buck Bukowski bursts into the room and shows Jennifer the newspaper which has an article about the death of Trask's henchmen. Buck begins to gloat, stating that Lou Monkton is "back in the hot seat." While Zapper defends her, Jen starts shaking as she begins transforming into She-Hulk. She runs past the two men and escapes, searching for answers about the goons' deaths.

Elsewhere, the truck driver from last issue, Jake, calls his associate Weasel and begs for help. Weasel reluctantly agrees to help Weasel after bargaining, though when he hangs up the phone he is bit by Nick Trask's pet snake. Weasel begs for his life and tells Trask he was setting Jake up, but Trask lets him die from the snake's poison. At Sheriff Morris Walters's office, a man named Mr. Rossi tries to see the sheriff. The sheriff's secretary, Miss Baum, tells him that he's not taking any visitors and that he's been locked in his office since his daughter's death. Quickly, the door opens and Sheriff Walters tells Miss Baum to notify all departments to stop the She-Hulk under any cost. He flees back to his office where he breaks down in tears, stating that he will bring She-Hulk to justice even if he has to fight her one-on-one.

At Trask's Warehouse, She-Hulk finds two of his thugs, including Angelo, loading Weasel's body into the trunk of their car. They talk about meeting at Jimbo's before midnight, to which She-Hulk decides to follow them. Later, at Jimbo's Junkyard, Jake finds Weasel's car with Weasel dead inside. He starts to panic, but is quickly grabbed by what seems to be She-Hulk.

Back at the Ridge Family Beachhouse, She-Hulk returns to find Zapper watching television. She quickly reverts back to Jennifer Walters and joins him. They soon receive a call from Monkton, who asks for Jen's address as he has something that will finish Trask. It's then revealed he had been captured by Trask and is being held at gunpoint. Jen gives him the address, then continues watching television with Zapper. On the news, Sheriff Walters holds up a picture of what is believed to be She-Hulk's latest victim, Jake. "No!" screams Jennifer, and she rushes to the bathroom to find a tranquilizer to stop her from rapidly turning into She-Hulk. She overdoses on the pills, but Zapper finds her. Nearly unconscious, she reveals that she is She-Hulk. As a med student, Zapper quickly gets the pills out of Jennifer's system.

As she recovers, Jennifer tells Zapper she believes she is a murderer. Zapper replies that she could never murder anybody, and that she has to turn into She-Hulk so she can find out the answers. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, and Zapper tells Monkton to come in. But a green android somewhat resembling She-Hulk bursts in. Realizing it's a trap, Zapper tries to stop the She-Droid, but the robot quickly grabs him by the throat. Jennifer tries to help, but is too weak from the tranquilizers still in her system. She struggles to transform into She-Hulk, then punches the robot's arm off. She-Hulk and She-Droid battle, and She-Droid knocks She-Hulk out of the beach house and onto the shore. She-Droid chases after and holds She-Hulk under water. A final effort, She-Hulk creates a shockwave which engulfs the She-Droid in water. The paint washes off revealing an orange body. She-Hulk recognizes the droid from the previous issue, the hand she had seen in the damaged crate. She realizes Trask is controlling the She-Droid and flies into a frenzy. In her rage, she knocks the droid's head off while screaming to Trask that she will get him.


  • Carl Gafford -- colorist
  • Chic Stone -- inker
  • David Anthony Kraft -- writer
  • Mike Higgins -- letterer
  • Mike Vosburg -- artist


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  • Los Angeles, California