"The She-Hulk Strikes Back!"
General Information
Series: Savage She-Hulk
Issue Number: 4
First Published: May 1980
Previous Issue: Savage She-Hulk 3
Next Issue: Savage She-Hulk 5


"The She-Hulk Strikes Back!"Edit

The issue opens with She-Hulk standing triumphantly over the decapitated body of the She-Droid. She realizes she is letting her rage get the better of her and tries to calm herself. Zapper approaches her from behind but she turns on him, not immediately recognizing him. She threatens him and tosses him away from her, but he offers to drive her to Nick Trask's hideout. Unbeknownst to the pair, Trask and his henchmen watch the events unfold from the She-Droid's cameras. Trask comes up with a plan and sends Hank and Angelo to complete a task for him.

Elsewhere, Sheriff Morris Walters speaks to Dr. Jonathan Ridge and his wife about Jennifer and how much he misses her. He breaks down, but then begins to scream in rage, declaring that he will bring She-Hulk to justice. Dr. Ridge, knowing that Jennifer is alive and well at his beach house, tries to calm Morris, but no to avail. He leaves, but finds that the driver to his car is really one of Trask's henchmen. The thug uses a knockout gas on Morris and delivers him to Trask. After Trask does some gloating, it is revealed that Trask's Goons had killed Morris's wife, Elaine. Trask reminds him that it was an accident, and that he had planned on killing Morris instead. He also reveals that he had the three goons killed, though he sent the ears of the bodies to Morris. Trask leads Morris down into his base where he explains his plan to defeat She-Hulk using stolen weaponry. He tests one of the weapons on his captive, Lou Monkton, shooting him with a laser cannon.

Outside, She-Hulk brushes off Zapper's protests against her entering Trask's lair and punches a hole in the wall. She heads inside while Zapper is grabbed by a pair of unknown arms. Meanwhile, Trask continues his speech to Morris. Monkton survived the shot of the laser cannon due to his laser-proof vest. Trask wants Morris to use the plasma cannon on She-Hulk. The men hear a noise and figure it must be She-Hulk. Monkton attempts to convince Trask that he will use the cannon on She-Hulk, but before he can, Morris takes the cannon and prepares to attack the jade giantess. Trask and Monkton leave through an elevator. Outside, Buck Bukowski asks Zapper what he is doing at the warehouse. The pair heads inside but the door closes behind them, locking them inside.

She-Hulk finds Morris with the plasma gun. He orders her to surrender or he will shoot her. Zapper tries to intervene, but Morris shoots She-Hulk which severely injures her. Zapper goes to her rescue but Morris threatens to pull the trigger on the two of them. In the escape elevator, Trask tells Monkton he knows what he was planning. He thinks to himself that the feedback of the laser cannon will drive Morris insane. He's also fully aware that Jennifer Walters is indeed She-Hulk. He leads Monkton into a room and tells him, "Behold, Monkton -- This is the payoff -- My secret project!" Monkton gasps as he asks what it is.

Irrational, Morris knocks both Zapper and Buck away with his cannon. This allows She-Hulk to regain her senses and throw a fork lift into the wall, allowing the two men to escape. She then leaps at Morris, grabbing the weapon from him and throwing him outside of the hole she created before the weapon explodes.

The next morning, Morris wakes in a hospital bed with his coworkers around him. On the television, he sees a news report featuring Buck, Zapper, and his daughter Jennifer. The report reveals that Jennifer is alive after all. Immediately, Morris rushes out the door, leaves the hospital, and jumps into a squad car. He drives to Trask's warehouse where the news report is still taking place. He runs up to Jennifer and embraces her, telling her that he was always afraid to show his emotions because he thought he would lose her like he lost his wife. "I went crazy when I thought you were gone -- When I realized I'd never told you -- I love you!" Jennifer replies that she loves him too.



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