"Breaking Point!"
General Information
Series: Savage She-Hulk
Issue Number: 5
First Published: June 1980
Previous Issue: Savage She-Hulk 4
Next Issue: Savage She-Hulk 6


"Breaking Point!"Edit

The issue opens with She-Hulk holding two wires of the Golden Gate Bridge together, yelling for the civilians around her to make it to solid ground. A tremor had caused the bridge to split apart, and fortunately, She-Hulk was there to hold the bridge together while those around her fled to safety. However, Buck Bukowski, also on the scene, believes She-Hulk to be attacking the bridge.

Meanwhile, hours ago, Jennifer meets with her father and Henry Mason, Vice-President of Roxxon during a press conference. Mason reveals that Roxxon's oil supply is vanishing without a trace. A reporter is skeptical, but Mason reaffirms that this is the truth. As the reporters leave, they whisper if Mason thinks anyone could fall for that story. Elsewhere, other commentators discuss how they believe Mason is lying.

In the halls of the courtroom, Buck finds Jennifer and offers her a ride in his Porsche. During the trip, Buck goads Jennifer which causes her to fight becoming the She-Hulk. While on the Golden Gate Bridge, it becomes too much for Jen and while stopped in traffic, leaps from Buck's car. Hiding on the bridge's ledge, Jen transforms into She-Hulk. Returning to the present, She-Hulk holds the wires together, but begins losing her grip. Luckily, all civilians have reached safety as the bridge collapses. Buck laments that his new car is once again ruined by She-Hulk, while Jennifer swims back to shore.

Later that night, Morris and his officers disguise themselves as Roxxon employees working the night shift. When Henry Mason arrives, Morris tells him that not a drop of oil had gone missing while on his watch. However, an officer alerts Morris and Mason that the oil had been drained. They believe it impossible, as the police had been watching the tank the entire time.

At home, Jen showers and worries about becoming She-Hulk so suddenly over a simple argument with Buck. Zapper arrives and Jennifer shares her worries with him. He takes a blood sample and plans to get it analyzed. Jen soon receives a phone call from a mysterious voice and agrees to meet. At midnight, Jennifer travels to an unguarded Roxxon storage area. Suddenly, tremors begin shaking the tank and the oil gets sucked down. The tremor knocks Jennifer off her balance and she falls into the oil. She begins to suffocate in the oil, transforming into She-Hulk. She soon finds herself in an underground cave with a massive, mechanical creature called the Silver Serpent.

Inside the serpent sits Nick Trask, with Lou Monkton as his captive. Trask had caught Monkton revealing the location to Jennifer Walters. Trask's Serpent has been sucking the oil from Roxxon's tanks, and Trask plans to conquer the world's economy with the oil. She-Hulk, enraged at Trask's presence, starts punching at the Silver Serpent. However, the Serpent swats She-Hulk away and begins battering her with stones. She-Hulk overcomes the attack and grabs the Silver Serpent, snapping the massive creature against the ground. This assault forces Trask out of the serpent with an unconscious Monkton as his hostage. Trask reveals he knows that Jennifer is She-Hulk, and throws Monkton into the oil, leaving him to drown.

As She-Hulk goes to save Monkton, Trask returns to the Silver Serpent and begins thrashing at the cavern in attempt to crush She-Hulk under boulders. Trask begins to gloat, believing himself victorious, but he fails to notice a malfunction in the serpent's systems. The Silver Serpent begins burrowing further underground toward the center of the earth, leaving Trask screaming at his impending doom.

Trapped under rubble, She-Hulk manages to shield Monkton, who remains unconscious. She begins worrying that the pair will suffocate, as there is barely any air. She climbs slowly up a tunnel and begins reverting back to Jennifer. Just as she makes it to the surface, she throws Monkton to safety, but a rockslide traps her. Hours later, Monkton wakes and hears Jen's screaming. He pulls her from the rubble, and she tells him she has enough information to clear his name. Later, at the courthouse, Buck expresses his frustration at Jen winning yet again, and Henry Mason thanks Jen for confirming Roxxon's innocence.



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