"Enter: The Invincible Iron Man"
General Information
Series: Savage She-Hulk
Issue Number: 6
First Published: July 1980
Previous Issue: Savage She-Hulk 5
Next Issue: Savage She-Hulk 7


"Enter: The Invincible Iron Man"Edit

Flying in the air, Iron Man heads to Los Angeles, California. He remembers when Mrs. Fox, the wife of recently deceased Jake Fox, came to Stark Enterprises for help in finding her husband after he had gone missing doing a job for Stark. Tony agreed to help her in any way he can. As Iron Man, he makes a stop at the sheriff's department to visit Morris Walters, who is not happy dealing with another costumed superhero. Jennifer Walters soon appears and tells Iron Man that she is taking Tony Stark to court. She begins to get angry and leaves the office as she starts transforming into She-Hulk.

As Morris starts telling Iron Man about the She-Hulk, they hear a commotion outside and find She-Hulk angrily batting away a car that almost hit her. Morris threatens to start shooting, but Iron Man flies right for her, believing her to be as mentally degraded as Hulk. She-Hulk moves out of the way, and the two begin to brawl. Iron Man is surprised when he discovers She-Hulk is intelligent, and the pair decide to talk like civilized individuals.

Meanwhile, Zapper takes Jennifer's blood sample to Ralph Hutchins at a medical complex of University of California. Ralph reluctantly agrees to test it, though Zapper refuses to tell him anymore information.

She-Hulk takes Iron Man to find She-Droid's body near Zuma Beach, where she had battled the android before. She-Hulk finds the droid's head and Iron Man recognizes it as an early prototype he had created. He realizes Jake was working with the criminals and wonders what he is going to tell his widow as he flies off.

The next day, during court, Tony Stark refuses to offer an explanation to Jennifer as he doesn't want Mrs. Fox to know the truth. Jennifer asks for a recess in order to find more information. She travels to Nick Trask's abandoned warehouse and finds two of his henchmen, Hank and an unnamed thug, talking about what they should do next. Suddenly, Angelo appears behind Jennifer, holding a gun to the back of her head. Jennifer transforms into She-Hulk and throws Angelo through the building. She attacks the two henchmen and presses Hank for information. Hank reveals that Tony Stark had nothing to do with it and that Trask had used Jake Fox to steal Stark's technology. She orders the goons to tell the sheriff the truth.

The next day, Jen discovers the goons did indeed confess Jake Fox's involvement. Outside, Tony tells Mrs. Fox that her husband is dead and that he couldn't testify for personal reasons that few would understand. Jennifer tells him that she thinks she understands his reasons.



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