Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: She-Hulk (v1) #5 (Sep 2004)

Created by:

Dan Slott
Paul Pelletier




Sound distortion

Silencer is an enemy of She-Hulk with the ability to nullify sound.


Her past unknown, the criminal known as Silencer was shrunken down with Pym Particles and sentenced to imprisonment in the Big House, a miniature prison. There, she met veteran super-villains such as Sandman and Mandrill. She eventually joined the Mad Thinker in his scheme to break out of the Big House, and used her powers to make the group of villains silent to the correctional officers. The villains then used the Pym Particles to shrink even further and were able to escape by clinging to the oblivious She-Hulk's body.

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