This is a list of She-Hulk's supporting characters.

Central supporting castEdit

Character First appearance Description
The Avengers The Avengers (v1) 1 (September 1963) Often referred to as "Earth's mightiest heroes," the Avengers is a group of superheroes who had banded together to battle evil-doers. She-Hulk has been a major member of the Avengers for several years. Her closest friends in the group are Wasp, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Captain America, and Iron Man.
The Fantastic Four Fantastic Four (v1) 1 (November 1961) A group of four individuals who gained superhuman abilities after exposure to cosmic rays during a mission in outer space. They became Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing. She-Hulk temporarily joined the Fantastic Four when the Thing briefly quit the group. Despite her short time with the Four, She-Hulk remains close friends with her former teammates, particularly the Thing.
Hellcat Miss America Magazine 2 (November 1944) Patricia "Patsy" Walker is She-Hulk's best friend and one of her closest allies. She initially trained with the Beast, a member of the X-Men, and eventually gained superpowers of her own. She served as a longtime member of the Defenders until most recently, she joined She-Hulk's law firm as a private detective.
Hulk The Incredible Hulk 1 (May 1962) Bruce Banner is She-Hulk's older cousin. Banner's blood caused Jennifer Walters to transform into the She-Hulk after a transfusion to save her life. Since then, the two have worked together on numerous occasions.
John Jameson The Amazing Spider-Man 1 (March 1963) John Jameson, also known as Colonel Jupiter, Man-Wolf, and Stargod, is a longtime ally and brief husband of She-Hulk. The son of J. Jonah Jameson, John first encountered She-Hulk under the mantle of Stargod, champion of the Other Realm. He later returned to She-Hulk's life, and the pair got married. The marriage ended when She-Hulk discovered that Starfox had been using his powers to influence her affections to John.
Louise Mason All-Select Comics 11 (February 1946) Louise Grant Mason was the Golden Age superhero called the Blonde Phantom. Several decades after her stint as the Blonde Phantom, Louise Mason befriended She-Hulk and joined her on several adventures. She eventually fell in love with and married She-Hulk's father, Morris Walters, and retired from traveling with She-Hulk. Her daughter, Wanda Mason, later took on the Blonde Phantom persona.
Morris Walters Savage She-Hulk 2 (March 1980) Morris Walters is She-Hulk's father and a sheriff in Los Angeles. When Jennifer first became the She-Hulk, Morris believed the creature to be a criminal and a monster, and sought to bring her to justice. However, after discovering the truth about his daughter, he reluctantly ends his crusade against her. He later falls in love with She-Hulk's partner and friend Louise Mason, and the two get married.
Wyatt Wingfoot Fantastic Four 50 (May 1966) A close ally of the Fantastic Four, Wyatt and She-Hulk shared an intimate relationship for quite some time. The two were even briefly engaged, though Wyatt later ended the relationship. She-Hulk and Wingfoot remained friends, and he often popped up in her life at various points in time, such as when he was part of the Blue File.

Savage eraEdit

Character First appearance Description
Buck Bukowski Savage She-Hulk 2 (March 1980) Dennis Bukowski, also called Buck, was an assistant district attorney in Los Angeles, and was unknowingly responsible for the death of Jennifer's best friend Jill. A chauvinist, Buck was disliked by many, including Jennifer. He later discovered his role in Jill's death, which sent him into a depression that lost his case against Lou Monkton.
Jill Stevens Savage She-Hulk 1 (February 1980) Jill Stevens was Jennifer Walters's childhood best friend. She was killed by Nick Trask after the criminal had mistook Jill for Jennifer. Jennifer continued feeling great remorse for the loss of her best friend for many years after until she encountered the spirit of her mother, Elaine Walters, in the afterlife. Elaine assured She-Hulk that she was not responsible for her death or for Jill's, which led to closure for the heroine.
Lou Monkton Savage She-Hulk 2 (March 1980)
Morbius The Amazing Spider-Man 101 (October 1971) Doctor Michael Morbius
Richard Rory Man-Thing 2 (February 1974)
Zapper Savage She-Hulk 2 (March 1980) Daniel Ridge Jr. was one of Jennifer Walters's earliest friends, and the first person to discover that she was indeed the She-Hulk. Affectionately called "Zapper" by his friends, Ridge joined She-Hulk on many of her adventures and eventually realized his love for her. He began a relationship with She-Hulk, but Jennifer Walters didn't feel the same way towards him and the pair eventually went their separate ways. Later, Zapper returned having married Christina DeVasquez, the daughter of renowned research scientist Professor Hector DeVasquez.

Sensational eraEdit

Character First appearance Description
Blake Tower Daredevil 126 (October 1975) Blake Tower is a lawyer who had employed She-Hulk for a period of time. After a series of mishaps with the super-heroine's chaotic lifestyle, Blake Tower fired She-Hulk.
Garth Sensational She-Hulk 34 (December 1991) Garth
Nosferata Sensational She-Hulk 19 (September 1990) Purple Hayes
Razorback Spectacular Spider-Man 13 (November 1977) Buford Hollis
US Archer U.S. 1 (May 1983) Ulysses Solomon Archer
Wanda Mason Sensational She-Hulk 21 (November 1990) Wanda Mason

Dan Slott eraEdit

Character First appearance Description
Augustus Pugliese She-Hulk (v1) 1 (May 2004) Augustus Pugliese, often shortened to simply Pug, was a lawyer at Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, and a friend of She-Hulk's. He had romantic feelings for She-Hulk, though they went unrequited.
Awesome Andy The Fantastic Four 15 (June 1963) Awesome Andy, formerly known as Awesome Android, is an employee at Goodmab, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. Originally an underling to the villainous Mad Thinker, Andy found work at the law firm and became enamored with Mallory Book.
Mallory Book She-Hulk (v1) 1 (May 2004) Mallory Book
Southpaw She-Hulk (v1) 5 (September 2004) Sasha Martin is the granddaughter of Holden Holliway.

Peter David eraEdit

Character First appearance Description
Jazinda She-Hulk (v2) 22 (December 2007) Jazinda Kl'rt-Spawn was She-Hulk's one-time partner during her bounty hunter days. The daughter of the Super-Skrull, Jazinda gained immortality by ingesting the Sy-Torak gem. While on Earth, Jazinda became close friends with She-Hulk. She was later seen being forcibly ejected from Earth, presumably without She-Hulk's knowledge.
Lady Liberators Avengers 83 (December 1970) An offshoot of the Avengers consisting of female superheroes. The original incarnation of the Lady Liberators was first formed in the 70's, though She-Hulk was not part of the group at the time. Much later, She-Hulk formed her own Lady Liberators consisting of Invisible Woman, Thundra, Valkyrie, and Storm. Spider-Woman, Tigra, Black Widow, and Hellcat were also temporarily members of the group.

Marvel NOW! eraEdit

Character First appearance Description
Angie Huang She-Hulk (v3) 2 Angie Huang became She-Hulk's secretary after she opened her own law office. Angie exhibited mysterious abilities that allowed her to influence others, and she was rarely seen without her pet monkey, Hei Hei.
Holly Harrow She-Hulk (v3) 1 Holly Harrow is She-Hulk's first client after she is fired from Paine & Luckberg, LLP. Holly's late husband had claimed that Tony Stark had stolen his ideas. She-Hulk managed to win the case against Stark which made Holly a rich woman. Holly, in return, paid She-Hulk enough for her to open her own law office.
Kristoff Vernard She-Hulk (v3) 2 Kristoff Vernard is the son of Doctor Doom who wished to leave Latveria. He sought asylum in the United States, which led him to hire She-Hulk as his lawyer.
Matt Rocks She-Hulk (v3) 8 Matt Rocks is a duplicate of James Madrox, the mutant known as the Multiple Man. He became an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles and was able to live autonomously from "Madrox Prime" under the conditions that he shares his earnings with him.
Sharon King She-Hulk (v3) 1 Sharon King is a former mutant who had minor weather-controlling abilities. She lost her powers after M-Day, and has since rented out her building to other superhuman businesses. She-Hulk opened her law offices in Sharon King's building.
Rufus Randall She-Hulk (v3) 4 Rufus Randall is an inventor who works in Sharon King's building.

Deconstructed eraEdit

Character First appearance Description
Bradley Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 1 Bradley is She-Hulk's current personal assistant at the law offices of Ryu, Barber, Zucker & Scott.
Florida Mayers Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 1 Florida "Flo" Mayers is a sociologist who wished to write about She-Hulk's traumatic experience after the second Civil War.
Maise Brewn Hulk (She-Hulk v4) 1 Maise Brewn was She-Hulk's first client after waking from her coma following the second Civil War.