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Unlike other super-heroes such as Spider-Man or Captain America, She-Hulk has an admittedly meager rogues' gallery. However, there have been a number of opponents who have challenged She-Hulk in several different ways. Many of She-Hulk's notable villains are enemies of other Avengers as well.

Central rogues' galleryEdit

Villain First appearance Description
Behemoth Savage She-Hulk #17 (June 1981) Originally known as the Man-Elephant, Manfred Ellsworth Haller was formerly the owner of Haller Hydraulics, a leader in hydraulics. He designed a suit of armor that resembled an elephant, and battled She-Hulk on several occasions. He later received a power increase when he gained a shard of the Cyttorak gem, calling himself Behemoth. He is able to transform at-will in between his human form and superhuman elephant form.
Grappler Savage She-Hulk #18 (July 1981) The acrobatic martial artist known as the Grappler was one of She-Hulk's earliest foes. During a battle with She-Hulk, he attempted to convince her to join him as his partner. She-Hulk considered it, but eventually declined it. Grappler was one of the many super-villains killed by the Scourge of the Underworld in the 80's.
Titania Secret Wars #3 (July 1984) Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran was born into a neglectful family, and was teased for her scrawny body. During the Secret Wars, Doctor Doom approached MacPherran and her best friend Marsha Rosenberg and offered to transform them into super-powered femme fatales. As Titania, MacPherran had an intense hatred for She-Hulk, as she defeated her during her first battle. Ever since that battle, Titania has harbored a resentment for She-Hulk, and has attacked her more than any of her other foes. Because of this, Titania is commonly known to be She-Hulk's arch-nemesis.
Nick Trask Savage She-Hulk #2 (March 1980) Nick Trask is a crime boss responsible for the creation of She-Hulk, as well as the deaths of Jennifer's mother Elaine and her best friend Jill.
Ultima Savage She-Hulk #9 (October 1980) Ultima Wordman is the daughter of Jack Wordman, also known as The Word. As a peak physical human woman, Ultima was able to match She-Hulk in battle. Although she's only battled She-Hulk on one memorable occasion, She-Hulk mentioned Ultima as part of her rogues' gallery when speaking to the Wasp and Scarlet Witch.

Foes of lesser renownEdit

Villain First appearance Description
Black Hole Marvel Treasury Edition #12 (January 1976) Morton Kribbee gained super powers when a single grain of dwarf star matter embedded itself into his body. As Black Hole, he joined the Band of the Bland, and previously fought Howard the Duck. His team later came into contact with She-Hulk, and Black Hole was forced into sucking up the stray universes that Doctor Angst had created. He was later kept prisoner by the Critic.
She-Droid Savage She-Hulk #2 (March 1980)
The Word Savage She-Hulk #9 (October 1980) Jack Wordman is the father of Ultima. He had empowered his daughter to be near superhumanly strong, and used his words to command others.
Microwave Savage She-Hulk #16 (May 1981) A mysterious criminal who stole an armored battlesuit which transmitted microwave energy. He battled She-Hulk and her boyfriend at the time, Richard Rory.
Volcana Secret Wars #3 (July 1984) Marsha Rosenberg was a shy, overweight girl who was befriended by fellow outcast Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran. During the Secret Wars, Doctor Doom approached Rosenberg and MacPherran and offered to empower them as super-villains. Marsha took the name Volcana, as the transformation allowed her to morph into a fiery, volcanic woman. Slightly less aggressive than her best friend Titania, Volcana eventually reformed, though she was most recently seen back in action as Titania's partner as they battled She-Hulk.
Pseudo-Man Sensational She-Hulk #10 (December 1989) Clark Finark was a criminal who used Pseudonic technology to transmit an ever-evovling self image program into his mind.
Doctor Bob Doom Sensational She-Hulk #18 (August 1990) Robert "Bob" Doom is Doctor Victor von Doom's fifth cousin, and a dentist.
Abominatrix Sensational She-Hulk #21 (November 1990) Florence Sharples was just an average employee of Keaton's Savings and Loan Company until her boss Keaton transformed her into Abominatrix. As Abominatrix, Sharples worked with Captain Rectitude and served as Keaton's bodyguard which put her in direct conflict with She-Hulk.
Captain Rectitude Sensational She-Hulk #21 (November 1990) Bob Jones IV was at one point an average employee at Jasper Keaton's savings and loan company. He was hired by Keaton to become his personal bodyguard, along with Abominatrix. As Captain Rectitude, however, he desired to bring an end to pornography and smut. He was one of the few She-Hulk villains used after his initial appearances, as he was arrested during Civil War for being an unregistered superhuman.
Adrenazon Marvel Comics Presents #123 (1993) Adrian Lynn was crippled in a car accident caused by her husband, Michael. After She-Hulk succeeded in putting Michael in jail for driving while intoxicated, he killed himself, leaving Adrian a patient at Bellvue. She underwent test surgery by Dr. Stopplemoor, and became the super-villainess known as Adrenazon. As Adrenazon, she battled She-Hulk and Nosferata.
War Zone Sensational She-Hulk #50 (April 1993) A battle android created by Zapper's father-in-law Hector DeVasquez to kill She-Hulk.
Rumbler Sensational She-Hulk #52 (June 1993) James David was a teenage rebel in the 50's who somehow returned several years later completely unaged. He had the ability to manipulate and control earth, and used this ability in a vendetta against Morris Walters, which put him in direct conflict with She-Hulk.
Figment She-Hulk #5 (September 2004) A female super-villain with the ability to create illusions. She was an inmate at the Big House that participated in the Mad Thinker's plot to escape.
Silencer She-Hulk #5 (September 2004) A female super-villain with the ability to nullify sound. She was an inmate at the Big House that participated in the Mad Thinker's plot to escape. She succeeded in escaping with the other villains when they shrunk down to a size that was able to ride on She-Hulk's body unnoticed.
Enmity She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision (February 2009) A powerful entity and part of the Seven Friendless. She has taken the form of a young, blue-skinned child. She created the being Unum in order cause chaos in the galaxy, though her plans were thwarted by She-Hulk and the Lady Liberators.
Unum She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision (February 2009) A massive female super-villain created by Enmity with the intent to kill every last female super hero.
Maise Brewn Hulk #1 (February 2017) A young woman who was attacked by a group of mercenaries hired by her former business partner. While formerly a bright and cheerful yoga instructor, the attack left her frightened and agoraphobic. She hired Jennifer Walters to help her in an eviction case, but when Jen failed to do as Brewn asked, she attacked her with her shadow ally.

Foes from other rogues' galleriesEdit

Villain First appearance Description
Xemnu Journey into Mystery #62 (November 1960) An extraterrestrial fought by She-Hulk on several occasions, though he has also fought several other heroes.
Machinesmith Daredevil #49 (February 1969) Samuel "Starr" Saxon is a criminal cyborg who has most often battled Captain America, usually as part of the Red Skull's Skeleton Crew. Machinesmith attempted to hire She-Hulk as a lawyer to retrieve his possessions, though she refused due to his criminal history. He later teamed up with Bullseye to exact revenge on She-Hulk.
Ruby Thursday Defenders #32 (February 1976) Thursday Rubinstein is a genius scientist who had uploaded her brain into a computer and removed her head to replace it with a malleable red sphere. She is able to morph her head into anything she wishes, often sprouting tentacles from it to entangle her enemies. She first battled She-Hulk as a member of the Headmen, but later fought the jade giantess on her own. Her earliest foes were the Defenders, though she has since battled several different super-heroes, including Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hellcat.
Bullseye Daredevil #131 (March 1976) A mysterious assassin and mercenary who has played a pivotal role in Daredevil's life. He encountered She-Hulk when he recruited Machinesmith to place his mind inside of an Avenger's body and cause chaos by murdering innocent civilians. He was inevitably defeated by She-Hulk inside of Machinesmith's cyborg body.
Blizzard Iron Man 223 (October 1987) Donnie Gill is a young criminal who took the name Blizzard from the original, Gregor Shapanka. He has fought She-Hulk on a few occasions, most recently ending up getting drunk with the superheroine. Blizzard eventually reformed, joining the Thunderbolts willingly, though he has since alternated between hero and villain.


Villain First appearance Description
Band of the Bland Marvel Treasury Edition #12 (January 1976) Formerly Howard the Duck villains, the Band of the Bland was led by Doctor Angst. The membership consisted of Black Hole, Sitting Bullseye, the Spanker, and Tillie the Hun.
X-Humed Sensational She-Hulk #34 (December 1991) A group of undead characters revived by the villain Black Talon to serve him. The membership consisted of Black Bishop, Changeling, Living Diamond, and Scaleface.
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